Sunday, February 5, 2012

Earthdawn - At Kingdom Con - Peril in Parlainth

If you've been paying attention to the blog, you now I'll be running Earthdawn at Kingdom Con. Now, I'll be running the game at 4th Circle, which is at the top of the Journeyman range, Why am I doing it at this level of play, won't that be confusing to new players? It might, but, 4th circle with when players can weave threads to items, when you get to see the actual brilliance of the game. Personally in home games, I'm moving Thread Weaving for other classes to 2nd circle. 

There's no major reason to prevent players from having access to thread items until 4th circle. Magicians will retain access at 1st circle, and all other classes will have it moved to the optionals for Journeyman. Durability becomes automatic at 2nd circle, not an optional. 

But keeping with the Rules as Written for the Convention, 4th circle it is, the players will be playing in Parlainth, the Lost City. Peril in Parlainth will pit these journeymen players against one of the most deadly RPG cities ever created, where a dragon named Charcoalgrin isn't the most powerful creature there. Where traps which have been destroyed on one trip by the intrepid adventurers might be magically recreated by minor horrors. Where mock warfare is played out in one of the quarters of the city by leftover constructs. Where Twiceborn rules the dead. Where Therans and Barsaivians live side by side, in the City of Haven, a frontier city of adventurers carved from the ruins of the Lost City.

Come learn a new game at Kingdom Con, come play Earthdawn, Peril in Parlainth.