Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Free RPGs - Witchcraft, Tri-stat, New Argonauts AND d6

I've been checking out Drivethru for free stuff, cuz, you know, I love free stuff.  Here's what I found that might be of interest...

The New Argonauts - an older low magic d20 system by Sean K Reynolds.

Updated: This new version of the file has easier-to-read maps and corrections to the feats and monsters sections.

This book by Sean K Reynolds gives you everything you need to run a campaign in mythic Greece. Rather than cramming dwarves, paladins, and otyughs into a Greek setting, The New Argonauts presents a low-magic campaign (but still with a touch of the fantastic and divine) where the focus is on Greek-style heroes, their battles against strange monsters, and great quests. This book gives insights on how a low-magic campaign affects character concepts and game balance, an overview of Greek culture, history, the Olympian pantheon, the original Olympic Games, and advice on running a mythic Greek campaign. Gamers who love crunchy bits can find new feats and spells, a set of heroic powers derived from godly bloodlines, a campaign-themed spellcasting class, simple magic items based on parts from mythic monsters, and over thirty monsters drawn from the Greek myths (many rewritten from the core version to suit a low-magic campaign).

WitchCraft is a game of modern magic and dark secrets. Player characters are the Gifted. Feared for their unique powers, they have been hounded for centuries, and forced to practice their Arts in secret. The time for hiding is over. A Time of Reckoning draws near. It marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new one or the destruction of all things. The choices the Gifted make will determine what our future will be like.

WitchCraft is a complete roleplaying game, with rules to create Gifted and Mundane characters, an overview of a modern world beset by supernatural danger, and the Unisystem, a set of game mechanics that can use dice, cards or be completely story-driven to fit the needs and desires of your gaming group.

The revised Eden Studios, Inc. Second Edition WitchCraft main rulebook corrects typos, clarifies rules, smooths the organization and adds several new features, including an index, detailed table of contents and some new game rules. For those with First Edition WitchCraft, the Mystery Codex prints the major rule changes and additions.

Widely regarded as one of the best rules-light role-playing game systems ever published (as presented in over a dozen RPGs), the Tri-Stat System is the ideal game engine for all your campaign needs. Featuring a scalable system, point-based character creation, and intuitive combat and task resolution, Tri-Stat dX: Core System is an inexpensive exploration into essential and advanced role-playing techniques and methods. It’s the only role-playing game you’ll ever need.

Now, I haven't read this system, (unless it is the base system for all the White Wolf Games...)
but I'm going to, but it's free so no reason not to check it out....unless you just don't like White Wolf...

   A mad scientist needs only one more part to complete his doomsday device ? and you?ve been hired to protect it...
   As part of a covert operations team, you need to infiltrate a government embassy and retrieve important files...
   Along with a clairvoyant kid and a quirky mystic, you use your own extraordinary abilities to fight crime in the big city...

Combining the best of over 15 years of D6 System design, D6 Adventure Rulebook provides you with the basics for playing in a wide range of modern settings, from the Wild West to the Near Future, such as pulp action, espionage, and low-powered super heroes. You'll get everything you need to add the popular D6 System to your favorite setting, including:

three different yet compatible methods for creating characters ? customizing pre-constructed templates, using defined dice distribution limits, and distributing a pool of points; 

over 80 character options (Disadvantages, Advantages, and Special Abilities) plus numerous variations of each that allow you to further customize your character; 

your choice of relying on a Body Points or Wounds damage systems, both equally interchangeable with a single combat system; 

detailed rules for psionics and magic (including numerous sample spells);
dozens of generic equipment and character examples to get you started in your adventures;
the essential rules separated from the optional rules, to allow you to decide on the level of complexity. The accessible format includes an introduction to using the book and the system, a solo adventure to test out the rules, and ?what's in this chapter? introductions to help you locate the information you need. This electronic version incorporates errata. Originally published in 2004 by Purgatory Publishing. Find more information about the D6 System at the West End Games Web site. 142-page, 8.5x11, one-color game rulebook. Extensive art.

What's really amazing about the d6 system is that there is a plethora of FREE options with it!!!
You can run this game for the cost of printing it...West End Games must know people will buy hard copies if they use the free stuff enough...