Monday, February 13, 2012

Free RPGs

So I found a cool blog about publishing FREE RPGs, TheFreeRPGBlog. Looks like it has a lot of great advice on it, I've always had too many ideas floating around in my head; and not enough direction.

Epic the RPG Blog is about providing entertainment and education for new players to RPGs. So over the next year or so I will be trying to get some of these ideas out and publish a free RPG for everyone to enjoy. (Next year as time allows). As I've said before, I have been playing RPGs for 60% of my life, I started when I was 12 and I just turned 41.

I'll even ask for some interaction with everyone, using my little community as a sounding board for ideas. And of course free playtesting. While I have plenty of ideas for OGL Products, I'll be publishing it under a CCNA license, so I will steer away from OGL gaming.