Friday, February 24, 2012

Fun Fridays - Crossed Swords Crossword I

Here's the Crossed Swords Crossword I
0.  A Grimm role-playing game…
3. GunMetal Game’s Cyberpunk setting
6. The Ascension
7. Mechanized Combat in the 31st Century
9. Not TSR’s Spelljammer
11. 3.5 Thrives
15. Space Opera game using the Victory Point System
16. Cyberpunk with Trolls
19. Palladium’s RPG for Eastman & Laird’s Comic series (abbreviation)
20. World’s Most Popular RPG
23. The first samurai RPG published in 1979
28. Abbreviation for Role-Playing Game
30. Aspect based Heroics
33. Darkest of the Hillside Thickets had a hand in this game
34. Fantasy precursor to the Megaverse
35. FATE System game based on the UK Comic not the  anime
36. Role-playing in the Weird West
37. The apocalypse in the World of Darkness
1. TSR’s western RPG
2. The Computer is your friend
3a. the 1994 version of this mecha RPG was the Zeta edition
4. “Fast, Fun and Furious” system
5. Mastering the Role playing game, a table for everything
8. Mythos & mecha
10. Post-apocalyptic, magic, science, and MDC
12. “Step” up for “legendary” fantasy in the Age of Legend
13. Adventures in Time and Space
14. Fantasy setting with “No Elves”
18. Superhero setting for Hero system
21. It’s generic and universal
22. Rules for playing in Glorantha
24. Abbreviation for this retro-clone
25. Grim & Gritty superhero game with ‘Chuck D Day’
26. Vietnam War role-playing
27. Post apocalyptic RPG with Black Rays & Badders
29. currently produced by Mongoose, uses the Universal Profile
31. Abbreviation Role-playing in Tolkien’s world

note: I had an issue with numbering, I missed a couple while I was creating the matrix, thus the 0 across and 3a down

Also note: Due to the difficulty in keeping previous entries kind of logical, the dungeon madness series will stop being a continuing story, and become individual madness that will each stand on their own. This will also allow me to make larger ones and not have to worry about any perceived continuity.