Saturday, February 4, 2012

FLGS Visit...What's New

So Epic Sean, Ian, and I were in Poway this morning and dropped by At Ease Games to see what was new. 
Well first we found Waldo...


Not a lot on the RPG Front, but Ron just got in a whole slew of Clix games! Star Trek Clix, Street Fighter clix, and some sweet looking accessories. Ron made sure to have plenty of Lord of the Rings Clix too. 

Ron unboxed a bunch of the new Pathfinder minis, so I took some pictures for you to see. Not too bad, I just wish they weren't random...

Nexus Ops is a new board game that came in, haven't seen that one before.
 Ron also got in several sets of the BattleTech introductory box, so if you've been looking for this, At Ease has copies!