Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inspiration - Sci Fi Planets

So if we're looking for inspiration for cool planets for your sci-fi games, you can look to the movies or to real life planets.

Riddick has been to some wicked planets
Crematoria - a planet so close to its sun that it jumps from 300 below to freezing in a matter of minutes every few hours as it rotates.

The planet where Pitch Black is set is also an interesting planet, being in a binary-trinary system it is constantly bathed in light, except for several days every twenty two years as the planets and stars align just right to create an eclipse.

 SG-1 visited a lot of planets that looked like British Columbia...but there were some which were CGI created that didn't look like Earth.

George Lucas creates planets that are pretty earthlike, though with the new movies he is able to create some incredible realms on those worlds, and he has been able to make more vibrant locations. I'm not going to post pictures of Lucasarts owned copyrights, I don't need the legal notices...however you can easily find links to the planets.

Also check out this article from Note: contains some PG13 language.

Novels provide some great inspiration as well. Check out Deathworld by Harry Harrison for a deadly deadly planet named Pyrrus. I'm trying to locate another book I read 20 years ago, that was a jungle planet, with different levels of canopy, the lower and upper levels were filled with massive carnivores...must go to library to find google fu is not working for it.