Wednesday, June 26, 2013

More Monsters & Magic

So still not finished reading the whole thing, kids just left on 2 weeks vacation, so I think I might have time to finish reading it this week. (At the moment I have a pretty bad migraine, so this is going to be short, then I'm heading to bed.)

From what I've read there are some really cool concepts that can fit into any game.

I especially like the Social Equipment section. While it's designed to work with the M&M social hit points, and social skills, it can easily be adapted to any OGL game.

These social items give a reason beyond a 3rd edition style "+2 to Diplomacy skills". For example, Good lodging at an inn, gives a +1 social bonus AND +1 to healing. The difference between a 'standard fare' and a 'good meal' is one keeps you alive, the other grants +1 to heal checks. This gives characters a reason to stay at the inn and spend that extra cash on food and lodging. Here's another one: A Pitcher of wine, Enough to share with someone you're pumping for information.

Perhaps you want to wine and dine a visiting Elven dignitary, that 5gp per bottle of 250 year old Elven Wine, might be the difference between impressing them or insulting them.

It's a great adaptation to the system. I'll write more as I read more.

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