Sunday, June 16, 2013

Free RPG Day report!

So Free RPG Day went off pretty well. The boys and I got lots of Swag and I ran the Tower Out of Time for DCC RPG. We only had three players, luckily one of them took the Cleric..

Everyone enjoyed the game, there was talk of buying DCC RPG, and my voice held out for the entire time I ran it.

[pictures to follow tomorrow]

After the Free RPG Day festivities wound down, I ended up demoing Judge Dredd Miniatures. Again much fun was had!

I wish I had been able to take some of the cool info created for Earthdawn and throw together a game in time; but, after being sick for a week, it was all I could do to run the game I had scheduled!

I think next year, I will do 3 challenges.  Circle 1 encounter challenge; Create a Circle 1 PC, and Design an Earthdawn flavored location. These can then be used to run an adventure on Free RPG Day.