Saturday, June 22, 2013

AEG at Game Empire

So out of the blue I dropped by Game Empire with the boys and whoa, AEG was there setting up for demos. Met the owner of AEG and Sean; we sat down to play some games. Now the boys had told me about Smash Up, and wow, let me tell you, I love that game as well, it plays very well with just the basic set, 8 different 'factions' as the boys previously posted about in their review from Gam3rCon. The game is not as fast as I thought it would play, but the combinations of powers makes it very intriguing; and gives it great replayability.

After Smash Up we got to play Love Letter. Weird sounding game for boys to like, but the gameplay is really good, and at $10 it's a steal. It is extremely simple, but still deals with tactics. Very fun, but I'll let Sean explain it more.

Lastly Ian played a game coming out soon, Agent Hunter...he'll be writing that one up, and we have pictures...