Sunday, June 9, 2013

Countdown to Earthdawn Appreciation Day (5 days) Horror Creation

FIVE days to go

Bloodlorne development.

So Bloodlorne was not a horror that T'xoro ever faced during our campaigns, but it is a concept I want to bring to Earthdawn that is a common staple of Fantasy and especially Horror Fantasy. The Vampire.

Bloodlorne will be a horror with the appearance of the nosferatu, but not with the traditional tropes for defeating it. Running water and silver will be the most effective in combatting the horror, and the monster won't cast a reflection in mirrors as its a projection from its astral body. Bloodlorne feeds on a namegiver's lifeforce by drinking their blood, while causing terror. Bloodlorne does create spawn, victims who have been corrupted to no longer fear, those whose 'souls' have been drained by Bloodlorne, the undead, as they live without being truly alive. Bloodlorne is a named horror, which I'll be setting up as approximately a 12th circle (group) legend point award.

Bloodlorne will reside in a fallen citadel, with the Spawn of Bloodlorne. The village surrounding the Citadel are the remnants of the Citadel that fell to Bloodlorne during the Scourge.

So there's a quick overview of the Bloodlorne development and where I'm going with it. I'm sick currently so I can't do much beyond simple brainstorming and typing.

So, more to come in the weeks after EAD2013 as well.