Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monsters & Magic review upcoming (But now for some Unleashed)

I'm currently reading Monsters & Magic by Mindjammer Press. So far it's a very good read, I'll know more about it after I'm done,

This has gotten me thinking again on my own 2d10 system that will have some OSR feel mixed with 3.5+ rules, heavily modified. I've been sitting back thinking about the system, similar to how Frank Lloyd Wright designed Falling Water, he thought about it....for months, but he first time he put pencil to paper was when the client was already on the way.anyway I digress...

Now Sarah is doing a lot of stuff that i'm not doing from what I'm reading. She's using 3d6 as her base dice replacing the d20...similar to what I'm doing with the 2d10, drop the d20 in favor of a curve.Which I've said before, creates an actual mean. the linear d20 averages out over time, not like 2d10 which has a 50% chance of an 11. The d20, 5% chance of an 11.

So why 2d10 over a d100 they both use two 10-sided dice....Yes, that's right, but the D% is a linear reuslt table again, 1% chance for any number...This makes a big difference between 18, 81 and the 8+1=9 / 1+8=9 results of 2d10.

Any roll of doubles in unleashed will unleash a 'special' result. This is where it gets fun, while damage will be tied directly to the result, the doubles trigger a critical result.The doubles is for success and failures, it's a measure of degrees of success, or failure.

Everything will revolve around the results; combat, social, magic, skills, everything.

Anyway off to bed for now, more to come.