Friday, June 7, 2013

Countdown to Earthdawn Appreciation Day (7 days)

We are now 1 week out from Earthdawn Appreciation Day

I have already received numerous entries for Earthdawn Appreciation Day, now with 7 days remaining, we're getting close. So if you were planning on entering something in the contest, or if there's just something Earthdawn related you want the rest of the world (or at least our little corner of the world) to see...

So no HUGE entry for me today for the countdown just a houserule I'll be implementing next time I run Earthdawn. To me, the game really only gets started at circle 4, when everyone finally gets access to Thread Weaving. So next time I run Earthdawn, I will have a new houserule. 

Every non-magician automatically gains access to Threadweaving at Circle 2 in addition to the . normal talent option. I don't recommend legendary items at Circle 2 obviously, but the ability to weave Group patterns, and to use thread items it a major game changer, one which usually comes a bit too late in the game in my opinion, unless you REALLY accelerate the game to reach Circle 4.