Friday, June 14, 2013

EAD Entry from Jason B.

Here's an entry from Jason B. for Earthdawn Appreciation Day, possibly directly from the the pages of journal entries at the Great Library of Throal...

My group and I were in trapped in a temple of Garlen during a duststorm while surrounded by who knows what with a group of Sky Raiders who refused to respect a higher level Elementalist due to his poor vision. I as a Warrior, was willing to accept him as a "general" and was becoming quite frustrated with their stubborness. So I manhandled one (I am playing an Obsidiman) to the statue of Garlen and asked him, if he would respect a request from Garlen, he answered yes. I asked him if she would be weaker than him, he answered yes. I asked him to respect the Elementalist, he refused. So I told him a legend I learned from my master as an apprentice. I later typed it up and posted it to our FB group page, here it is.
Long ago, many years before the Scourge, there was a city. It's Name has long been lost to time, but the Name of it's greatest general lives on with the Warriors, Meltik the Wise, a dwarf of great learning but no magic.

Now, one day Meltik's Scouts came to him and told him of a great horde of Scorchers, the greatest number ever seen in their region, were riding to the city in full battle garb. As word spread many in the city were given to despair, their walls were not mighty, their militia of modest size.

However, Meltik knew if the city was to be saved it would not be because of the mighty that day, he knew it would be by bravery of the few coupled with great cunning. Day and night he planned, and finally he came across a strategy that if properly carried out, might allow the city to... survive.

Calling all his captains and lieutenants, he laid out this desperate idea. The exact details are forgotten in the great halls of history, maybe Chorallis knows, possibly not, for story tells us it was before even the mighty Passions were born (myself, I don't believe it.) All we know is that this plan drew upon the strength of his Warriors, the guile of his Scouts, the skill of his Weaponsmiths, the cunning of his Thieves, and the intelligence of his Magicians.

In the end, after many days of fighting and fading, striking and salvoing, the day was won. Many brave Adepts, and a greater number of non had fallen, but the Scorchers were dead, nearly to a man. The city was filled with great joy and sorrow.

When the surviving captains went to celebrate with their beloved commander, they found him dead, having succumb to exhaustion. None could remember having seen Meltik sleep in over a week. We, the Warriors, remember this brave soul as an example of what great deeds the so called least of us can accomplish.

In the end, cherished friends and brothers, underestimate not the meek, for they just may be the on to put a sword in your heart.
Thank you for your consideration, Jason B.