Thursday, June 13, 2013

Earthdawn Appreciation Day 2013 is here! (in 15 minutes)

Welcome to  Earthdawn Appreciation Day, 2013

Over the next 24 hours you will be seeing entries in a contest for new content for Earthdawn; You will also see additional content which may have been seen before, but has been entered for the sake of entry, and since it's in the spirit of Appreciating Earthdawn...EPIC!

Starting at 7AM Eastern time, Entries I have already received will begin posting. Over the rest of the day I will be checking for new entries, and for the bloggers posting their entries in the Great Contest!

This is not a blind contest like RPG Superstar, this is a contest for fun, and appreciation of Earthdawn, so please if you want, add some flavor to your entry in the G+ Linked comments section. Who you are, what you love about Earthdawn etc.

IF YOU DON'T SEE YOUR ENTRY, DON'T PANIC!, reply to the G+ Comment section of this post and I will see what I can do.

Unfortunately my own Boons & Maladies System for Earthdawn is going to be very much a skeletal system to start, but I will continue working on it. I've been not well this entire week, and my endurance pretty much blows, losing at least 2 hours each night I'm normally creative, and at least an hour where my brain is just not that creative.

Once we've picked winners, we will announce them, and I will make little banners proclaiming your victory, and of course I'll get FASA to email the codes for the PDF Prizes. I will also put up a page specifically with your winning Earthdawn Entries.