Monday, April 23, 2012

Gam3rCon Gamesday coming up

If you check the Convention Schedule, you'll see the Gam3rCon Gameday is coming up...THIS SUNDAY

Chris Czerniak has arranged lots of gaming for this one day event that only costs $5.  Here's what's on the docket: (I'll probably be playing Dominion until 2:00 when the event I want to play in happens....)

Pathfinder (12:00)
The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game puts you in the role of a brave adventurer fighting to survive in a world beset by magic and evil! Take on the role of a canny fighter hacking through enemies with an enchanted sword, a powerful sorceress blessed with magic by the hint of demon blood in her veins, a wise cleric of gods benevolent or malign, a witty rogue ready to defuse even the deadliest of traps, or any of countless other heroes. The only limit is your imagination!

Call of Chtulhu (5:00)
If you have ever been enthralled by a ghost story or spellbound at a horror movie, you are in for a treat. Part the veil that separates frail humanity from the terror that lurks beyond space and time. Investigate forgotten ruins, haunted woods, and nameless menaces.

Savage Worlds: Slipstream (12:00)
Beyond the black holes lies the Slipstream, a pocket universe of shattered worlds, desperate aliens, and savage monsters. Ruling over the shattered isles is the diabolical Queen Anathraxa, who some say is close to finding a way to escape this interstellar prison.

Marvel RPG (5:00)
Greetings True Believers! Today you and your friends can play as Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Miss Marvel, and/or Spiderman as they respond to a break out at the supermax prison facility for super powered criminals on Rykers Island in New York City. Make Mine Marvel! and Try Marvel Heroic Roleplaying today.

Fiasco: Hero City (12:00)
Welcome to Hero City, home to some of the world's most popular superheroes. Heroes like Captain Crusader! Masked Revenger! Dynamo-Man! And the rest of the Defenders of Justice!

Exalted (12:00)
Exalted is a game of epic fantasy set during the Second Age of Man, a time before our own. It is an age of magic and adventure, when heroes of legend are reborn into a time of woe.

Vampire the Masquerade (5:00)
A group of young vampires are sent on a mission only to find that status quo has changed on their return and that they now have the power to control the city.

Board and Card Games:
Boards and card games are going to be fast and loose. The games below will have Gamemasters who will be ready to run/or teach the game. Of course everyone who is interested is encouraged to bring games. More information will be provided at the check-in.

Lords of Waterdeep
Cosmic Encounters

I left off one item, so if you want to see what it is I left off, head to the website