Sunday, April 1, 2012

Villainous Lair Grand Opening

So we went down to Villainous Lair Gaming today! Pretty sweet grand opening. The parking kinda SUCKS because it's Adams Avenue. The store has got to have the most character of any of the San Diego game stores. There's plenty of cool decor in the store, statues, artistic scrolls, and the faux stained glass back wall...Also there's a mascot in the store, a red iguana named Tiamat. The store is located in Normal Heights between the 805 and 15.

Stop by sometime and check out the store, the staff is really friendly, and nerdy!  It's right across the street from Lestat's coffee shop, right down the street and across the street from their comic book shop, Villainous Lair Comics.

3342 Adams Avenue
San Diego, CA

Villainous Lair Gaming Storefront, note the gargoyles looking out from the upper alcoves

Less than an hour into Grand opening and there's plenty of people at the store.

Store owner Alison Flynn (sitting down left)

The RPG alcove, with super comfy looking chairs. Reserve a spot for free by calling.

Games Workshop wall

Looking to the back of the store, while Magic players get their game on.

RPG Wall (right side)

RPG Wall (left side)

Warhammer 40k table set-up for the Opening Day

Getting Some Munchkin on

Awesome stained-glass style back wall (right)

Awesome stained-glass style back wall (left)

Looks like a pretty happening Grand Opening to me!

TV, and more artwork scrolls on the wall

More decor

Scroll decor in the RPG alcove

more scrolls in the second alcove
Sean finally picked up his Aliens & Creatures for the Doctor Who RPG. He's wanted it for quite a while.