Monday, April 16, 2012

Con Report: Kingdom Con Sunday (Dust)

When we got to Kingdom Con on Sunday morning the DUST had just settled on the battlefield. So, we got to try out the Dust Warfare Miniatures game preview (Fantasy Flight Games) which is due to release soon.

Dust Warfare rulebook which will run $39.95

“They were no match for our Ludwigs.”
    –Sigrid Von Thaler

In the year 1947, World War II still rages. Allied and Axis forces wage massive battles with weapons derived from alien technology in the alternate 1940s reality of Dust Warfare.

Players of this exciting tabletop miniatures game control heroes, squads, and fearsome combat walkers as the world’s great powers battle for control of VK, the rare ore needed to fuel the newest and most powerful developments in weapons technology. Designed by renowned miniatures guru Andy Chambers, the Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook introduces some of the most dynamic and engaging miniatures game design available and integrates stunning miniatures from the fast and furious Dust Tactics board game.
One of the things I have to say about the DUST Miniatures, is, they're gorgeous, the detail is great, including hollow barrels on the large walker models, making them look like miniaturized versions of actual war machines which never existed.

The game seems to play really fast, it uses a system specific die which has two bulls eyes on it. Activation occurs with all forces on one side activating, though at the beginning of the turn, each force can use a single activation of one unit. I also like that a unit which is being attacked during an activation, can react with a single action also. Reactions are one of the core mechanics I'm really liking in these skirmish types of games, as it gives the game a nice flow. Suppression works well in the game also, each time a unit comes under fire, it gains a suppression marker, which affect how it can act in the future. One marker is removed at the end of each turn, so if you can get multiple shots on a unit, you can lock it down pretty well.

Fun game, not my favorite of the con, but it was definitely fun, the boys enjoyed it as well.

Epic Ian and Epic Sean prepare for warfare, DUST Style, great way to start the day!

A light walker, pretty awesome because you can easily swap weapon systems
WITHOUT having to  have two separate models.

This thing is freaking awesome!

So is this Heavy Assault Walker.

Greg's pre-painted force from Tactics.

I rolled 4 bulls eyes with 4 dice for defense, denying all damage.

Light Walker, on fire, runs through two enemies trying to light them on fire before it drops.
(Those Rocket fists HURT)

The resilient keyword on the German forces keeps them in the game longer as you get an extra die to roll on defense rolls.

The Germans have GORILLAS!!! How Epic is that?

Infantry units, Germans have Laser grenadiers, those lasers are wicked too, they're  continuous, so hits explode with re-rolls.
Note: If I got a rule wrong, it's because I only played it once, and I'm doing this from memory.