Tuesday, April 3, 2012

RPG Superstar 2012 announced

RPG Superstar™ 2012: Mike Welham!

After five rounds of intensive competition, amateur game designer Mike Welham has won RPG Superstar 2012!
RPG Superstar is the largest annual tabletop roleplaying design contest. The popular vote of paizo.com's more than 200,000-strong fan community chose Mike Welham's Doom Comes to Dustpawn Pathfinder Module proposal. Welham will receive a contract to write the full adventure for Doom Comes to Dustpawn, which will be released in January, 2013.
On behalf of the judges and Paizo Publishing, as well as the many voters, congratulations again to the rest of our Top 4 contestants Steve Miller, James Olchak, and Tom Phillips.
RPG Superstar will return in 2013!

Mike Welham - Kernersville, NC
Doom Comes to Dustpawn - Round 5
The Thanatopic Amphisbaena - Round 4
Phasic Ravager - Round 3
Monster Reformation Alliance - Round 2
Raptoring Gloves - Round 1