Friday, April 27, 2012

Wargaming Products - Western Style Buildings

So I got to see these  from Andaya Laser Cutting in live play at Kingdom Con (During our Malifaux Games). And I have mixed feelings. On the plus side, they are pretty cool looking and I believe if painted up nicely they'd be rock'n. However, at KC they were just put on the table as is, not glued together. Now wood cut tokens for Malifaux are pretty nice, but I'm not seeing the ones I played with at KC in the product listing. Also, they're a bit pricey, $35 for the gallows is kinda steep. They best deal would be the 3 buildings without interiors at $57, however that's almost 2 full crews for Malifaux or a Core rulebook for an RPG.

Collapsible Gallows / StageWestern Skirmish AccessoriesWestern Building Bundle - No Interior VariantsDynamite Token

So on the plus, they're stronger than paper cut-outs and have solid bases. They 'can' be used just assembled, however you can see all the tabs if you do it that way. In addition, they buildings can be bought with or without interiors.

I feel they could easily be made without visible tabs and that would make them a more visually stunning product. Terraclips has the same issue with the plastic clips they use, it just detracts from the models.

I don't think I'll be getting the buildings, and $1 per token is really steep for a little piece of wood. Yes I know the cost of the laser cutting and development is up there, I might pay $4 for 6 since that's how many you'd need.

Anyway, make your own choices, I'm cheap!