Friday, April 13, 2012

Kingdom Con is underway!

Well it's April 13th, GameDay, got there just about 10AM (solo, cuz the boys are with their mum today). I ended up helping Ron Kent bring in merchandise and assisting him in setting up his booth. The room changed around quite a lot this time around. Wargaming is downstairs in the larger room. Prize support is in the same little closet as last year, vendors (of which there are only 3 this year) are down stairs between the wargaming areas. There's no Aberrant this year, which is kind of a bummer, because I was planning on picking up a couple new models. No Killer Bunnies, which is also a bummer, cuz I know the boys would love to see Jeff Bellinger again this year. No Battlegrounds, which was awesome last year cuz we got to check it out.

I got to demo Malifaux first thing this morning. This is one of those games that's really been interesting me, and I know the boys will want to demo it tomorrow. It was actually a blast, I was playing the Ortega Family, while Marsh ran Shamus and the Belles. While Marsh wanted to run it to a tie, it ended up being a complete victory for me, I wiped out the entire force and only lost Papa Loco.

Next Up, ran over to the MIB table, and got to try out the Zombie Dice - Double Feature. Three new dice, the 'hero' the pretty pink princess die and a red die that contains both a helmet to make you a tough zombie, and an energy drink that turns a green runner die into lunch.

Next up was Shawn of Fanatical Gamer Society running Adventurers! by Fantasy Flight. This is a fast fun game in which you play a group of adventurous treasure seekers entering a curse, trap-filled tomb. The game uses some cool d6 mechanics (colored dice, loot/wound based target numbers, and numeric challenges). With each character having a unique ability useable once per game it really makes the game fun. There's only one flaw in the game which is easily fixed by changing the 'block drops every player's turn, to creating a descending d6 roll to trigger the collapsing block. (Basically, roll a 6 on the d6 and a block falls, next player then needs a 5 or 6 if the previous player didn't roll it, it keeps descending until a block falls.)

end of post for the night, I will update with photos later in the weekend, just had a hardware hiccup and I need to get sleep for tomorrow.

Ortega Family sets up to...hunt monsters

Ortega's left, Shamus right

End Result, lots of dead bad dead Papa Loco

Board games, free to play table 1

Board games, free to play table 2

SD Geek Girls Table

MIB Table for Steve Jackson Games

Some morning games

Yggdrasil...took longer to have it explained, than for us to lose...haha

Adam O. of Broken Egg Games

Broken Egg Army trays (all hand made and finished in the US)

General Quarters (tiny ships)

Wargame room

Wargame room

Board game room at 9:30, it's hopping!!