Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Con Report: Kingdom Con Saturday

Saturday is THE main day for Kingdom Con. There was a massive Warhammer 40k tournament, The Warmachine qualifier for GenCon, and the Game of Thrones GenCon Qualifier.

Infinity demo table,  4 on 4 game, I really like the hacking in the game, it's pretty kick-ass.

Nice Rezolution set-up by Aberrant

Aberrant has greatly expanded the line of Minis for WarLands, and the quality seems to be coming up as well. 

Scrapmech, the Stranger and Max the Dog, (with his awesome Interceptor), as well as a Sand Surfer

Rezolution minis

More Rezolution minis

Blood on the Sand...post-apocalyptic Style

Mini painting Competition

Mini painting Competition

Mini painting Competition

Mini painting Competition

Aaron Lovejoy's shelf, not in competition..Aaron teaches painting classes at At Ease Games.

Mini painting Competition

Winner of the Fanatical Gamer's Society San Diego Food Bank Charity Raffle
(He chose the painted WarMachine Army...dang that's the one we wanted...)

Second place, wins a $200 box of Flames of War

Third Place, PressGanger with Noise Marine box set donated by a high school buddy of mine (John, that's you)

The boys started the day by trying out Malifaux, which they enjoyed SO much that they wanted to stay for the Achiever tournament at 9pm, and then play in the Malifaux 35 Soulstone tournament on Sunday.

They jumped over to the Infinity demo after they finished with the Malifaux demo. They still want to get into Infinity, but after Malifaux.

Chris Czerniak finally got enough people together to run an Airship Pirates game. It was the First time I had played that system, and I was very pleased with the richness of the world. They boys also seemed to really enjoy the game, though the younger kids at the table tended to cause a lot of issues...but many of them were hilarious!

(This post will be edited tomorrow...bed calls because work in the morning)