Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Unleashed Design Journal - Unleashed update

If you've been waiting for Unleashed, you know it's been on the back burner again for awhile. I ran into some issues with complexity, it was becoming too complex when the idea was to remove complexity, it you need to do more than 3 math calculations for a single action, it's getting too complex for a fast game...and that's where I was headed...

So I'm finally back to tweaking the rules. And having seen both Machinations and M&M, I've gotten some ideas...though I'd like to be slightly more complex than Machinations but less than M&M...

some of the basics:

2d10 system, The system will utilize 2d10 in lieu of the d20 still. That's a given

Str  Dex  Con  Int  Wis Chr
However, only the modifiers will be shown on the character sheet. Only the modifiers will be modified during the game. No need to worry if you 16 Strength drops to 11, about how many points of modifiers you lose.

You would Drop from +3 to +0. No figuring out 1/2 stats.

EVERY stat will be used in Unleashed, ZERO dump stats.
Saves will be based upon two stats each (though one stat will be used twice.)

I'm going to develop a card based maneuver system which covers almost any possibility for a maneuver through a combination of keywords. (Diving, Grapple, Sliding, Cleaving) etc. Of course the more cards you add the more difficult it will be, especially if you're low level.

More on Unleased later.