Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Store Spotlight - Pair-a-Dice games - Vista CA

As part of my update for the Store Spotlights, I'm going to be updating the pictures, these are old pictures, and will definitely need updating.

Pair-A-Dice Games is located just off I-78 in Vista, in the In-n-Out Burger complex.

The store has puzzles, board games, role-playing games, CCGs, CMGs, and much much more. Rob has been expanding his used book section and it has now expanded into a second set of shelves, if you're looking for out of print games, there's a good chance Pair-a-dice has what you're looking for.

With a game room that fits 10 tables, you can usually find some sort of game going on in the evenings. From Magic the Gathering and Monsterpocalypse, to Pathfinder Society and RPGA, it's the only game in North County. Check the calender on their Event Calender.

The store is located in a brand new 3800+ sq.ft. store, complete with private gaming room, and what's to be the largest game room in San Diego (per Rob's claim.) Exciting times are coming to the San Diego Game Scene!

This is the view you get as you walk in....

The Front Desk

still stocking up...looking down toward the GW stuff.

collectibles corner

 Looking down the aisles...

Looking down the aisles...

New Chess display cases...

The Game Room...lots of space

The miniature terrain storage area....the shelves above nearly go to the ceiling!

The RPG Table!! Only thing nicer would have been "The Sultan" maybe one day

Looking into the (Semi) Private RPG Room