Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gam3rCon Report (Sean)


Gam3rCon was awesome. They had tons of games, both video and tabletop. The video game lounge on the first floor was huge and spacious, and there was always an available game. They didn’t have a huge selection though. They only had two fighting, three first person shooters, and two racing. On the third floor was the retrocade and the tabletop lounge. The retrocade was the exact opposite of the video game lounge. It was tiny, but had a huge selection of old school games, like Super Mario World, the first Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pitfall, and Crazy Taxi. The table top lounge was medium sized but had a huge selection of games of all genres. RPGs, board, card, and mini games. My two favorite games were Mad Quao and Mr. Card Game. Mad Quao is a Wiggity Bang card game, by Matt Rivaldi. It is the sequel to the original guffaw inducing game, Quao. Mr Card Game is another deck-building card game based of of the computer game, Kingdom of Loathing.

Wednesday, The first day of the con, was really fun. We spent hours on end Playing video games. I played tons of Black Ops 2, and Super Street Fighter, but didn't actually play any tabletop games.

Thursday was the day I played the most tabletop games. First I volunteered running Smash Up, Tsuro, and Kill Doctor Lucky, but nobody wanted to learn a game from a couple of kids. We later played some Halo 4 and Crazi Taxi, But got bored and went to play a Steve Jackson Game called Revolution. I was really good, but I still epically failed. I later played Munchkin, the game of ultimate backstabbery, and everyone was tied for the win until the very end.  Finally came the moment of truth. I played a game of Dungeon Lords, and won a free copy of the Collectors Edition Metal Gear Solid Risk. It just so happened that we also was rewarded a free copy of the Limited Edition Starcraft Risk, just before the game.

Friday I arrived and immediately went to play some Super Mario in the retrocade. There were no spaces in the table top lounge after that so Ian and I went down to the Video game lounge and played some Black Ops and Halo 4. I went back upstairs and played my first game of Mr. Card Game , by evertidegames. It was utterly amazing. “My brain was barfing metaphorical dolphins and rainbows and happiness by the time was done”- me. It made sense that I went to play Quelf after that utter awesomeness. At one point I had to only use one hand, and I had to thumb wrestle the guy who was running the game for us. I won. I’m thirteen, and he’s almost a foot taller than me. Later I learned how to play Metal Gear Solid Risk with another kid I met there, and we got it done within the hour. I won. Again.

Saturday I played Mad Quao with Ian and Matt Rivaldi,and I eventually had to use one hand, not answer any questions, use my own sock as a puppet, and I couldn’t answer any questions. It was utter craziness, and I lost. I also played Starcraft  Risk with the same kid as the day before, and got a Cornucopia of buts handed to me on a silver platter by angels. later that night, Ian and I were invited up onto the roof to play a giant game of I Smash SF in the 21 and over section. It was awesome, but I’m pretty sure everyone else up there was drunk and hammered. at one point everyone was chanting, “ Punch the kid, Punch the kid!!” I threw the giant foam die that we were using at them. Ian and I lost, but the guy that won gave us the prize, a World of Warcraft Monopoly, for a game of Stomple. I like him, even though he punched me, (metaphorically) the most.

Sunday, the last day I spent my time watching Gam3rs: The Play, Which is what started the con a few years ago. Its about a technical support guy trying to organize an online raid in a computer game while also trying to work. The result is not pretty, but utterly hilarious. Finally I played Munchkin Apocalypse, the newest addition to Munchkin. It was really Hard, because I had eight players, but I still won... through cheating, which is actually allowed in the rules... if you're not caught. Heh, heh, heh.


table top lounge

Powerbot Dice

Mr. Card Game!!!!!

Graffiti art on the roof

More graffiti art.

Video game lounge.

Giant screen for playing racing games.