Friday, August 30, 2013

Not going to Gateway 2013?

If you're not going to be at Strategicon, here's something interesting to do tomorrow. If you're in San Diego and want to get out of the heat...head on over to Pair-a-Dice Games for:

 Local Game Designer Showcase
Saturday August 31st
Not going out of town this weekend? Looking for something fun and unique to do? Come by Pair A Dice Games this Saturday for our Local Game Designer Showcase. Play some great games with their designers. See and play prototypes of unreleased games.
Meet Jeff Bellinger, creator of Killer Bunnies and play his newest game.
Or Alex Bagosy, creator of Divided Republic and see his latest prototype. 
Play Joe Gabbard's Skyminers before it hits Kickstarter.
Plus other game creators like John White and his game Powerbotdice.
We will also have our library of other great locally created games for you to play, plus some fun door prizes.
So like I said, a very fun and unique day. Something new and as cool as the AC in our game room.

Saturday - Event August 31st
Start: 12PM - 4PM
Cost: Free

Pair A Dice Games
2020 Hacienda Dr., Suite A
Vista, CA 92081
1 (760) 940-0139
Pair A Dice Games

Store Hours:
Saturday 10AM - 9PM