Tuesday, August 20, 2013

OGRE - Designer's Edition

Well Well now:
 OGRE - Designer's Edition (Preorder)

It looks as though the Miniature Market ordered a few (like 100) Ogre - Designer Editions during the Kickstarter, and now they're selling them as pre-orders.

http://www.miniaturemarket.com/sjg1977.html $65 for the pre-order. 47 remain at the time I write this. (note: shipping is quite a lot...it's HUGE and HEAVY box)

I have heard that Miniature Market is a safe site, I've never used it, so I'm hoping it's OK.

Now, the Designer's edition isn't going to be available after they're gone, as far as I know.

SJG put so much stuff in there it's CRAZY!!!