Sunday, August 18, 2013

Gam3rCon Report (Ian)

I was so excited about Gam3rCon that before it came everything was going super fast. While I was waiting Every morning I would think is it Gam3rCon yet? This about sums up the entire experience.

On Wednesday I went down to the video game lounge, and I was there the entire day playing video games because I have a bad sense of time. Also so I could play games that I’ve never played before, like Gears of War 3, Black Ops Zombies, and Black Ops II campaign. Before then I never knew there was an arcade game for Black Ops Zombies. It was pretty hilarious because zombies would start flying up into the air if you used the dash ability.

On Thursday the first game I played in the table top lounge was called Revolution, and it was a pretty cool game. First you have to plan out your turn by using blackmail, force, and gold, to be able to use that ability; and at one point, someone got five blackmail! It was crazy! Some of it would influence the board, by letting you put a token in that section; and other things will give you extra blackmail or force, and it would give you support. I thought that I would win, but I got only in third.

On Friday I played a game called Mr. Card Game and the currency is not gold or cash; it’s meat, which is funny because there is a huge pile of meat. What you had to do was defeat a ton of monsters using strength, magic, ranged attacks, or defense, to build up your character, so that you can defeat the naughty sorceress. When you defeat a monster, that monster gives you an item, some of them are one use, others you can keep on using. There are also abilities you can get to influence the three attacks, or they’re songs that buff you. When it was time to defeat the naughty sorceress, the guy across from me made sure that no one would be able to surpass him. He got a 36  to her 20, I got 23, and the last guy got 21. At least I got in second this time.
this is the top of the box

these are the places where you fight monsters; and the places are behind them

top: Muscle middle: Mysticality bottom: Moxie

Meat is the currency of the game

these are the skills you can get

On Saturday I played in a gigantic game of I Smash San Francisco on a life-size 18ft board, which was very fun and it was my favorite game at the con because the meteor was the World of Warcraft Monopoly, and the die was a 2ft by 2ft by 2ft cube, which we had to throw up in the air for it to actually roll. when someone was K.O.’d,this time they were out of the game, and this time there were no cards. Surprisingly enough I was the last person to be knocked out. I may or may not have joined in. When the game was over the winner got to choose if they wanted to keep the WoW Monopoly or take a different game, and they took the other game. So since I was the last to be K.O.’d, I got the WoW Monopoly.

Overall the entire convention was a very good experience, and next time I’m going to play more RPGs, like Machinations of the Space Princess or Dungeon Crawl Classics, if they’re there.