Sunday, June 10, 2012

MW2039 - The Nikola Tesla story (draft)

The premise of Moderne World of 2039 is a single divergence in the timeline created the new reality. This divergence centers around Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla, the creator of most of the technology which allowed mankind to expand into the solar system. Instead of being taken advantage of, he prospers, and eventually becomes the first cyborg.

Nikola Tesla had already begun going a bit mad when a young inventor by the name of Silas Bjorg came to him for some assistance in powering an automaton which can house a mammalian brain. After a year of development Tesla adapted one of his ZeeGee systems into an autoform, first rat brains were used, then a dog. Tesla demanded that he be the first, he wouldn't allow others to have the operation performed on them, of course, it would also mean immortality if successful.

The Operation was a success, except for one small issue, there was some damage to the vocal canter of his brain. This one thing drove Tesla to become insular, without the ability to communicate easily, and not needing to sleep, he began inventing at a furious pace. For a while he tried to explain his inventions in writing, but his frustrations got the best of him; he began to ignore those around him, inventing day and night. In exchange for a fully stocked lab, Tesla allowed his inventions to be taken so he could continuously invent. Teams of scientists took the inventions and tried to figure out what they did and how they worked; It sometimes yielded brilliant successes, yet many inventions have never been deciphered. Most however are reverse engineered, but not understood.

Next up will be a timeline of inventions.