Monday, June 4, 2012

MW2039 Tab

I have added a tab for the Moderne World 2039 development. I really like where this game is going.

Here's some new information I'm getting ironed out.

The Seven Colonies As man expanded into the solar system spurred by Tesla's inventions, with Matter Transmission (MaX) Gates, and unlimited power provided by the Zee-Gee Generators, mankind first made it to the Moon, then to Mars, using the advances gained on the Moon, terraforming Mars was quick and and soon, a dozen colonial towns were popping up; Pyramids have become the symbol of the Mars colonies, as the amount of stone available for construction makes building them simple with vibralifts and laserdrills. Venus is the system HQ of Alcap1 Industries, Las Venus grew up around the towering casinos and speeks owned by some of the most powerful humans living today. Jupiter and Saturn host the 3 newest colonies on Io, Europa and Titan, a favorite destination for tourists as the gas giants make for stunning planet rises. The last colony started out as the penal colony known as New Alcatraz, floating in the middle of the Asteroid belt, hardened convicts broke big iron into little iron. Now known as The Rock, the mineral resources have drawn all sorts of traders and miners to the area. The Rock is a rough way to live for rough people.

War of the Worlds When H.G. Wells made his historic transmission, many thought it was some sort of hoax, days later when the aliens lie dying from Earth's germs, no one doubted it any longer. It was the catalyst to end warfare among the Earthlings, it put the nail in the coffin of racism, and sexism, suddenly a new age was dawning. When we reached Mars, we realized, they hadn't come from Mars, but from farther away.

Beings from the Darkest Reaches H.P. Lovecraft wasn't just writing, he was seeing through time and space, it drove him mad, but he had to get the information out to the people. Unfortunately as we stepped farther into the solar system.