Monday, June 11, 2012

MW2039 Attributes & FATE

So I'm trying to come up with an idea for coming up with Attributes for the FATE system for use with this game.Oh and a slight working name change to identify that it's not just on Earth, Moderne Worlds of 2039. Just the slightest of changes, but worlds of difference.

So I'm thinking of using a 4dF (drop lowest) for stats. This will give a range of -3 to +3. These will then be used to determine base range of skills. I don't really want to use the standard Strength, Dexterity Constitution etc.  This is FATE, where more descriptive language is better. So here's what I'm thinking so far. I don't really want to have an Intelligence or Education stat, intelligence is something the player needs to role-play. Education in FATE is more represented with an aspect. Some skills use a single, some use average and others use difference.

Brawn: This is a measure of pure raw power. Besides being a modifier for weapons (and minimums) it is also useful with skills where power is important. Being to brawny can cause negatives where being lithe is relevant. Tumbling is a skill that uses (Ag-Br) as it's modifier,
Agility: Agility is used for many combat oriented skills. Thrown weapons, athletics to avoid blows etc.
Wits: While intelligence is up to the characters, wits is a measurable stat, it helps where speed of thought is important.
Perception:  Perception, this is for skills where noticing what is going on around you is important, from conversations to safecracking.

Obviously, with base bonuses: this system will not have so many skill points, I'm thinking 10 points, but it might appeal more to players who are used to systems with attributes, and also lend easily to conversions.
I've begun my historical research as well, I'm learning a lot about the 20s especially, slang, The Red Scare, stuff that is often overshadowed by prohibition, speak easies, and flappers.

More to come as I continue to work on the system. I'm thinking of having a Reputation score that starts at +0, and can be brought up (or down) during the game.

And honestly, let me know what you think about this game so far...if it's really popular, I'll put up Kickstarter to help develop the game and come up with bonuses for it (Figure flats, original artwork, playtesting, short stories, novels? etc.). One of the things I think would make this game impressive it stunning artwork. I think the artwork could really make it come alive. Obviously the core of the system, and a starter set would always be free, as that is the origin of this RPG to begin with, I started this project specifically as a freebie.