Monday, June 18, 2012

Malifaux Update

The boys and I finally got the time to take all our Malifaux figs and trim/clean them. I showed them how to cut and file flash, how to drill a pinhole (since one of my figures broke really quickly, as the metal is a bit fragile.), and how to safely trim the figures from their sprues. This is the first time the boys have ever done this.  Tomorrow we will prime the figs. Then we can play and start to paint them. 

On a related note. Remember how I was able to play Castle Falkenstein Malifaux at Strategicon? I was able to pick up Castle Falkenstein at Pair A Dice. It's always nice for me to get a hard-copy rather than just a PDF. I'd love to have the PDF as well, but the book works for me for now. I'm really amazed at the system, originally published in 1994, it predated Deadlands by 2 years. Castle Falkenstein is a purely card based system that is extremely story driven. Set in an alterna-Victorian steampunk era, it might possibly have been the first 'steampunk' system that called itself steampunk. Space 1889 was definitely steampunk-esque, but I don't recall it being called steampunk in any of its literature.

Look for a full review soon as I'm still meandering through the book.