Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PFRPG - Advanced Races Guide

Shipped today so I got my PDF. I must say I like a lot of it, but one thing confuses me...racial gear...bit of an oddball thing, I mean why would a training whip be a human only item except with GM permission???

Of course a lot of the book is just rehashed info, but I'm really glad they expanded the human entry for the alternate race traits...there were just the three, and they were pretty lame. Now there are a lot more options.

More on this when I get my hard-copy so I can really read it better, this is a book I've been waiting for.

So I ACTUALLY received an anonymous request for me to upload the PDF...I don't think so. Paizo is able to continue making a cool game because of the people who buy the game. They've put all the PDFs on sale at a very reasonable price of $9.99 for any of the hard-bound books. As a subscriber to ANY Paizo product line you get 15% off of the purchase and a free PDF of the subscription. Without people buying the books and PDFs the game goes away. If you enjoy playing RPGs, spend a little money. If you're someone who does download PDFs off various point-to-point providers, and you find something you absolutely love, buy the actual book from the creators, not from Amazon, but from the actual creator, or a brick and mortar store. People spend a lot of time creating these wonderful games we play, support our hobby, support our stores, go spend some money.