Sunday, June 17, 2012

Free RPG Day was great

I screwed up and didn't make sure my Friday post about the Free RPG Day reminder went up. I had it all written, I hit publish, but it didn't publish...oops.

I ended up running a new Traveller Scenario I came up with called "Lockdown on Lazarus V". I will post the entire scenario once I get everything typed out, it was all in my head for Free RPG Day

Only had one new person playing but it was still a pretty good scenario, better than my "No One Can Hear You Scream" scenario.

Here's the Map of the Space Station Lazarus V I came up with. (partial battle map.)  Note: it is designed to be printed on 24x36, which costs $3 at Staples for Black & White. Feel free to download it for personal use. It is still my design and not for resale.

In the morning we played the NeoExodus adventure, as run by Corby of Fanatical Gamers Society. It wasn't a bad adventure, though you will need to go online and get the correct character sheet for Hans, the human Cleric. It was an interesting tweak to have the Cleric of Kaga be a divine casting sorcerer, but it made it nearly impossible to complete the adventure in a single adventure. No channel energy, no cure light wounds, and just a wand of cure light wounds with 4 charges. He was dropped during the second to last fight, by a falcion wielding skeleton that hit for 23 damage. It was pretty brutal. We finally ran from the temple, 1 charge on the wand, 1 Hp for the Cleric, 2 Hp on the rogue, and 9 hp on Nose Cutter the tank.