Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Use the Force FFG

Fantasy Flight Games announces the Star Wars Minis and Star Wars Cooperative Card Game

Announced BEFORE GenCon. I was wondering where the licensing would land after it was not renewed by Wizards of the Coast. I was hoping beyond hope that a FATE system would be the next Star Wars, but was pretty sure none of the FATE Publishers had the cash for that license. (Being one of the most costly to procure.)

However FFG Does have a really nice line of Board Games, and RPGs. Though I'm a little afraid of a $60 core rulebook for the RPG. See back when minimum wage was $4.75 in CA, a rulebook cost $12, now the minimum wage is $8 and a core rulebook costs between $35 and $60. However I still feel the value of RPGs is excellent. For the cost of a family going to the movies for one evening, you can purchase a core rulebook, and have many evenings of creative fun.

I look forward to reacting to more news from GenCon (Since I'm not there in the flesh)