Sunday, August 21, 2011

NEWS! Paizo Preview Review

Early Pathfinder RPG Product Previews Just in case you missed the announcements and updates at Gen Con 2011, here's some news on the next few Pathfinder RPG products.

Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box

The Beginner Box contains: A 64-page player book with information on the cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard classes up to level 5; skills; feats; equipment; and rules for combat, adventuring, and how to handle leveling up. A 96-page GM book with a sample adventure; information on running the game; creating a campaign; 12 pages of magic items; 24 pages of monsters; a sample campaign starting area; and advice on building your own adventures. Other materials such as a Flip-Mat, three pages of cardboard pawns for PCs and monsters , pregenerated characters, and a blank character sheet.

When the Beginner Box is released, we'll have additional free online content for players (the barbarian class, new spells, new feats, and new rogue talents) and GMs (an adventure, more magic items, and more monsters).
The Beginner Box directs players and GMs to look online for this additional content.

Beginner Box is interesting, though I believe I'll pass on that myself, the only thing I see as nice for me personally is the 'pawns' as they call them

Bestiary 3

This 320-page book has 283 pages of monsters, including new monster categories such as clockwork, demodand, div, kami, and kyton (some of which are subtypes). If you're a GM running a high-level game, you'll find 36 monsters at CR 15 or higher (more than 20 of which aren't outsiders).

Now this is always nice, I love monster books, the kids love monster books, we all love monster books!!! more clockwork monsters makes it even better!!!

Advanced Race Guide

This comprehensive guide to rules on fantasy races includes 10 pages on each race in the Core Rulebook (including humans), six pages each on featured races such as aasimar, catfolk, goblins, orcs, and tieflings, two pages each on uncommon races such as duergar, gillmen, kitsune, and suli, and a 38-page chapter on designing your own balanced 0-HD races.

This is the book I'm MOST anticipating, 10 pages on the core races, I hope it's mostly crunch not so much fluff, because we keep seeing reprinted information in the X of Golarion books, the Inner Sea Guide, etc. So as this is a base book, I really hope we don't see a bunch of repeated fluff. I also hope to see the races given favored features for the new classes that came out post APG. Featured Races will be awesome, compiling the Tieflings, from Council of Thieves and giving similar options for Aasimar. Catfolk will be one of Epic Ian's favorite entries for sure!! I'm also really hoping that at least the featured races will be allowed in PFS play, because Tieflings are one of my favorite races, especially with the Tian Xia races in there.

Ultimate Equipment

This is a collection of all the nonmagical and magical gear we've published, updated and all in one place, and that's only half of this book. It'll also include random magic item tables for everything in the book, with items sorted by slot to make it easier to finish up gear for PC and NPCs

This one is intriguing, I really hope it's more that just a reprint of everything, I'm hoping for rules on advanced alchemy as well. It would be a nice supplement to have, but also kind of makes Adventurer's Armory obsolete. I hope this book will be edited LONG before it is sent to print, and combed over multiple times preventing some of the problems that Adventurer's Armory had.Well that's my take on what's up and coming.