Thursday, August 18, 2011


So, I haven't really covered MMORPGs on this blog. I'm an Old EQ1 player, up until aroung Gates of Discord. I really don't like being mislead in advertising, it pisses me off. That one pissed me off, cuz they touted it as a 1-65 expansion. I have two 65s at the time, and lots of alts, so I was looking forward to it. Turns out that only that stupid crafting ship was all levels, then there was the zone outside the Gates that was good for 55-65, I had lots of fun kiting there and hunting with my mage. But it just wasn't what they claimed. I was also playing City of Heroes at the time, that game had the best character creation. But the game play lacked that....urgency. I flitted through other games, EQ2 during Beta, Star Wars Galaxies, and DDO a year after launch, because I didn't like that they screwed up the world at launch, so I waited. Champions Online is ok as Free to Play, nothing to write home about. I never played WoW, due to a sour experience I had with the BattleNet kiddies in Diablo 2, I just knew WoW was going to have people I didn't like playing it.

But some of the games that are coming up are intriguing. For one...The Old Republic...WOW, Just WOW. It looks like fun, RvR PvP effectively, Dark Versus the Light, but I have to wonder how the PvE is going to work as well.

The Neverwinter Online game is coming...Now if it's run as a DDO reskin, I'd prolly pass. But as 4e always felt MMOish, an Actual MMO would probably work quite well. I'd just like to say it's GORGEOUS!!!