Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Palladium Conversions

I remember back in the old days when I first saw the Palladium Role-playing game. I remember paging through it and thinking, wow, this is really cool. I remember showing Doug how there was an Armor Rating and Damage Reduction for armor. It was one of my early introductions to non-Vancian magic, and the Summoners!! Man that was cool. I of course bought it. I think this was after I finally had a job, so it was my own money not just allowance.

Then, 1989...RIFTS!!! I instantly fell in love with RIFTS...it had everything and I became an avid collector. Until I finally got some friends to play it. Combat bogged down to attrition of MDC. It happens when you have weapons that do 1d6x10 MD, versus armor that has 700MDC. That's a lot of hits...especially if you're rolling crappy. There's also the slight issue of a single laser beam completely obliterating a brick and mortar 5 story library because its an SDC structure. While I realize it's important to differentiate light armored stuff versus heavily armored. An MDC weapons shouldn't obliterate a large SDC structure. Blow a hole in it, sure, destroy it..no..

Perhaps it was because I used Robotech as my entry point into Rifts. (Long Range Patrol encounters a Rift which pulls them to the parallel Earth. They had an Alpha-Beta, full loaded).

To this day I still love the fluff of RIFTS, it's some of the most imaginative writing out there. I just wish Kevin would allow players to work together online with conversions. I know he feels it's the best system out there, but many disagree with him. If Kevin allowed others to do online conversions to other systems or even put out conversion books himself. I just know that he'd sell a lot more books!!