Friday, August 12, 2011

News! - Dice Tower Awards

So, news! I saw the tweet on critical hits. I didn't even know there was a Dice Tower Awards...But apparently there is. So there you have it.

Dice Tower Awards

As you'll see in the linked post,:

The purpose of the awards is to:

  • Encourage new developments and innovations in the board game industry.
  • Promote board and card games to a larger audience
  • Award the best games in different categories released each year.
  • Present a slate of games with wide appeal from a variety of genres.
  • Point out games that are simply fun!
Best Family Game Winner:
Forbidden Island.

Designer: Matt Leacock
Publisher: Gamewright

This is an excellent family game. It's a cooperative game in which you're on an island, that is sinking, your objective it to grab all 4 relics, and return to the helo pad with all players before the island sinks.

You lay out the tiles face up, (it's flooding on the reverse side).
The 4 different characters each have a different ability, for example the engineer can turn a flooded card back to dry land as his turn. As it's cooperative, there tends to be a lot of table talk for strategy. It's not a sure thing that you're going to win, bad luck with sinking tiles can easily spell doom early on if the waters rise too fast.

I have recommended this game to people in the store, both in Barnes & Noble and at Pair-a-Dice games.

Game Rating: EPIC!