Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Local Events


Here at Pair A Dice Games we run weekly as well as bi-weekly events, all are free to play and all are open to anyone.

Mondays - 4:30pm Warhammer Mondays, Come and play with a friend or for a pick up game for either Warhammer Game.

Tuesdays- 4:30 Open RPG day, Come and bring a group of friends and play your RPGs, or join any of our existing groups if they still have space

Wednesdays - Privateer Press Night - Come by and play any of your Privateer Press games, be it Warmachine, Hordes or Monsterpocalypse Tournament with prize support this Week Registration & demo starts at 5:30, tournament begins at 6:00.

D&D Encounters - Come by Wednesdays to join in on our D&D encounter group space goes quickly

1st and 3rd Thursdays - Historical Wargames, drop by and enjoy any of our wargaming groups or bring your own and have a good time.

Friday - 5:00 pm Friday Night Magic, come and play magic in our offical tournaments with varrying styles.

Saturdays - Pair a Dice Game Day!

Through out the day come by and learn how to play any of a handful of euro games. The store will be running various games for you to learn how to play, and your always welcome to come by and bring your own game you may want others to play. These are the games that we'll be running teaching games for, this does not mean that only these games can be played during these times, and if players want to learn other games we are more than happy to do our best to accommodate.

Carcassonne 10am, Ticket to Ride noon, Settlers of Catan 2pm

Lord of the Rings Miniatures 10am

Sundays - 2:00 pm Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament come by and participate in our yu-gi-oh tournaments.


Game Empire

Monday Axis and Allies Naval Battles, Warmachine

Tuesday Historical Society 5pm, SD Board Game Society 7pm

Wednesday Warhammer 40k League 6:30pm

Thursday L5R CCG 6:30pm

Friday FNM type 2 tournament 6:30pm

Saturday RPGA/Pathfinder Society 11am, Flames of War 6pm

Sunday Warhammer Fantasy League 10am, Pokemon CCG 11am, Warmachine 5pm


San Diego Games & Comics

Check their facebook for up to date info, typically posted the day of the event. Last weekend was a Type 2 Magic tournament.