Thursday, August 4, 2011

RPG News: GenCon

While I'm not At GenCon, all the big industry news comes at GenCon, as I hear about these news items, I'll respond. I know Wizards of the Coast and Paizo have announcements happening at GenCon. Rumors have been circulated that 5th edition is to be announced, but coming on the heels of "essentials" we'll have to see what happens. Though there is a precedent for releasing consolidated rules, before the new edition. (Rules Compendium released just before the announcement of 4e). Note: While I'm not a fan of 4e, I am a fan of RPGs and anyway to get new blood into the industry is all right by me.

Per the SJG Twitter, Steve Jackson Games announce 2012 release of Conan Munchkin!
Pretty cool, now we can play Conan the way it was meant to be played, with Cthulhu!! Pulp at it's finest


Per Adam Daigle Twitter: Hardcover re-release of PFRPG Hardcover confirmed.
Good news for the people who are missing the original Out of Print Rise of the Runelords AP. I wonder what the price point will be.