Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pathfinder Society - Spoilers

Well that was fun today, we got to run the end of season 2 PFS games

Kolslag of Asmodeus Chelish Hungry Ghost Monk
Aril the Rogue
Xirus the Wolf Shaman

The first was pretty brutal, CR3 air elemental was our first encounte

r, the final encounter with the hobgoblin leader was vicious, lunge and a +6 damage bonus. If we hadn't had a healer that was specifically set up to spam heal, we would have been toast. Toast,

spelled TPK.

The second part was not as difficult, though we did have to be extremely creative to overcome the encounters as our best CHA bonus was +1, and no one had Diplomacy. I was lucky that I have Profession (enforcer) as it did allow me to use that for some intimidate checks instead of my lousy +2.

Preparing for ADVENTURE!!!! Entry into the Cathedral from above!

You can see Kolslag on my character sheet The final battle commences!