Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Savage Rifts - Delphi Juicer

Here's a QUICK conversion of one of the Juicer OCCs from Rifts Worldbook #10 - Juicer Uprising

You will still need your Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, and reference to the Rifts book. (The standard rules apply except as follows)

This is the Quick Conversion for the Delphi Juicer. (This is one took more thought, and I'm not sure if I'm entirely satisfied yet.)

 [Edited after re-reading the Mind Melter, edited to drop Delphi Juicer to major psychic.]

The Delphi Juicer
Delphi Juicers are Juicer with Psychic powers. .

The Burn
Delphi Juicers burn out in a different manner than normal juicers. Psychic Overload. When a Delphi Juicers burn reaches 2, they go into Psychic Runaway. Whenever a 1 is rolled on any die, a random psychic power is triggered.    

Super Endurance: Standard

Super Reflexes: Standard

Super Speed: Standard

Super Strength: Delphi Juicers begin with +1 Strength die types, with no Trait
Enhanced Healing: Standard

Major Psionic: Delphi Juicers are Major Psychics with 20 ISP. They gain the Arcane Background (Psychic),  Clairvoyance and two powers chosen from the Mind Melter list. The Delphi Juicer also gains the Major Edges, (refer to Mind Melter), and a d6 Psionics skill. The Delphi Juicer may not gain the Master Psychic edge due to the Juicer cocktail flowing in his veins.

Standard Complications: PLUS:
Psychic Amplification System Helmet: Delphi Juicers are wired to their PAS Helmets. A Delphi Juicer which has had the Helmet forcibly removed (By a called shot to the head causing a wound), will become mentally Fatigued and lose all access to his Psychic abilities.. (Does not affect normal fatigue), until a new PAS Helmet can be acquired and linked. The PAS Helmet provides +6 Armor to the Head, has built in Low-light, infrared and thermal vision. A new PAS helmet costs 100,000+ credits, and requires linking, by a Knowledge (Cybernetics) roll at -2. The helmet also grants the Additional Power Points edge.

Psychic Flashes: Delphi Juicers sometimes experience overwhelming psychic flashes. (When a bust is rolled) Whenever this occurs, they must make a Spirit Roll or lash out at the nearest target.  (As determined by Gamemaster).

Racial Restrictions: As Delphi Juicers rely upon ISP to trigger their powers, races which are restricted from ISP can not undergo the Delphi Juicer process.

Cybernetics:  Delphi Juicers suffer double negative effects, each point of strain reduces Burn by 1 and causes a -1 to Psionic skill rollls. 

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