Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Savage Rifts - Dragon Juicer

Here's a QUICK (Not that quick) conversion of one of the Juicer OCCs from Rifts Worldbook #10 - Juicer Uprising

You will still need your Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, and reference to the Rifts book. (The standard rules apply except as follows)

This is the Quick Conversion for the Techno Wizard creation the Dragon Juicer. (This is one took a lot of conversion. I think I balanced the benefits to the penalties, and it's the ONLY Juicer that can regain Burn, albeit it's expensive.)

The Dragon Juicer (Techno-Wizard Juicer)
Dragon Juicers or Blood Drinker Juicers, are created using Dragon’s Blood and the Juicer Cocktail. Similar to the Mega Juicer

The Burn
Standard. However, if a dragon Juicer can get his hands on a gallon of ancient Dragon Blood which has been treated by an alchemist, drinking it will restore 1d4 points of burn. Process takes 1d6 months, and costs 3d6x100,000 credits.

Supernatural Endurance: Dragon Juicers begin with +2 Vigor die types, with no Trait maximum. They require only half the normal amount of sleep, and gain +2 on all Fatigue checks. Dragon Juicers gain the Hard to Kill Edge and a +2 bonus to soak rolls.

„Supernatural Reflexes: Dragon Juicers begin with +2 Agility die type, with no Trait maximum.

Supernatural Speed: Standard

Supernatural Strength: Dragon Juicers begin with +2 Strength die types, with no Trait
maximum. They also begin with the Brawny Edge and are considered to have Supernatural Strength.

Supernatural Dragon Senses: Dragon Juicers have farsight, darksight and detect arcana with a +2 to all notice checks.

Enhanced Healing Dragon Juicers regenerate exceptionally fast. Once every 4 rounds he can make a Vigor roll to heal damage he has sustained. Unlike Fast Regeneration the Dragon Juicer can not regenerate after death, and gain no bonuses to recover from being Shaken.

Inherently Magical: Dragon Juicers have an innate store of PPE, but may not learn magic. Dragon Juicers have natural pool of 10 PPE.

Enemies: Dragon Juicers are actively hunted down by the Coalition, which has active bounties on them. Most dragons, but not all, view the Dragon Juicer as an abomination to be destroyed.

Standard Complications PLUS:
Dependency (Dragon Blood): Dragon Juicers have a dependency on Dragon Blood. The TW Juicer rig can distribute the blood daily. Every six months however the Dragon Juicer must renew that source of Dragon Blood.

Cybernetic Rejection:  The Dragon Juicer can not take cybernetics at any point. Just as a Dragon, their bodies reject such foreign implants.

Unstable Psyche
The blood of dragons causes some detrimental effects upon the Dragon Juicer’s mind. Roll a d20
1-6     Paranoia and Phobia of Dragons. Phobia (major hindrance)
7-12    Hatred of Dragons and Supernatural beings.
13-18    Delusion. Dragon Juicer thinks he’s a Dragon.
19-20     Dragon Vampire - Blood Drinker, the Dragon Juicer actively seeks to consume the blood of dragons as a Psi-Stalker. Make a Vigor roll, on a raise the Dragon Juicer regains 1 point of burn. Roll on the Crazy Insanity table, as the Blood Drinker is even more mentally unstable than the standard Juicer.

Blood of Dragons: The Dragon Juicer has a weakness to any weapon, or power that causes extra damage to Dragons. The Dragon Juicer is considered a dragon for those purposes.

Created out of a need for something between slow and fast.
Regeneration Once every 4 rounds a wounded creature can make a Vigor roll to heal damage it has sustained. Quick regeneration does not work after death. Quick regeneration does not provide a bonus to recover from Shaken.