Sunday, November 20, 2016

Savage Rifts - CSLNGR 1

Next chapter in Conversion is the Cyberslinger Cyborgs from Rifts New West.

The other two Cyberslingers should be done before Turkey Day.

First up is the CSLNGR 1 Cyborg Gunslinger...The Kid

As always the original source material and a copy of Savage World’s Deluxe and the Savage Rifts Tomorrow Legion Player’s Guide are also needed for play.
„CSLNGR 1 “The Kid” Cyborg Gunslinger

‘Borgs gain two rolls on any of the following
tables: Body Armor Cybernetics, Close Combat
Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and Training.
They gain a third roll on any table
except those dealing with magic, or psionics.

The Kid's  Abilities & Bonuses

Bionic Augmentation:
Cyberslingers begin with Strength d10, Agility d12+2, and Vigor d12. These traits do not have an attribute maximum. Strength is considered Supernatural due to the powerful full-body mechanics and hydraulics powering the borg.

„„Cybernetic Enhancements: All Cyberslingers begin with the following cybernetic systems: Audio Package, Embedded Combat Coding, Core Electronics Package, Cyber-Wired Reflexes*, Optics Package, Synthetic Organ Replacement* (see page 78 for details). *These are already factored into the Cyborg’s starting Traits.

„„High-performance Legs: Full-conversion ‘borgs possess powerful legs and actuators; they begin with the Fleet-Footed Edge. This can be enhanced with additional cybernetics.

M.D.C. Armor: The Kid’ Cyborg ‘slinger does not gain MDC armor, but may wear armor.

Alloy Structure: The ‘Kid’ gains a +2 Toughness bonus based upon their internal structures.

More Machine: Standard

„„Unarmed Combat: Standard

Quick Draw Computer: The ‘Kid’ has Embedded Combat Coding to give it the edge in the draw. Gain the Quick Draw edge.

„„All Those Moving Parts: ‘Borgs cannot be healed or treated with medicine when they are hurt. Instead they must be repaired. Fixing a cyborg requires the Repair skill—which is used like
the Healing skill, only with no Golden Hour.

Gray Matter: Cyberslingers only start with two points (instead of the normal five) for attributes and these may only be spent on Smarts and Spirit. Points from Hindrances and Advances may be used to raise any attribute.

Human Appearance: The Kid does not suffer the standard Cyborg penalties due to Inhuman appearance, as the Kid comes with human like skin and the face of the original person being augmented.

„„Loss of Dexterity: The Kid, having a more intricate hand builds, does not suffer a loss of dexterity as a Standard Combat Cyborg.

Overconfidence: Being a wired gunfighter tends to make these hard coded gunfighters real sure of themselves. Gain the Overconfident Hindrance.

„„Malfunctions: Cyborgs are subject to the same potential problems all tech items and gear face (see the Technical Difficulties Setting Rule on page 122). For example, a critical failure on a Strength check means penalties until the ‘borg’s strength systems are repaired.

„„Spiritually Numb: All that metal and so little meat means no Arcane Backgrounds are available to a Cyberslinger.

„„Total Conversion: The process of becoming a Cyberslinger uses all of a character’s personal Strain. A Cyberslinger starts with 0 Strain before applying the Upgradable Edge.

Cyborg Gunslinger STARTING GEAR
Bandito Lightweight Personal Armor(as Huntsman),
BB6 Six-Shooter, Vibro Knife, NG-S2 Survival Pack,
2d6 × 100 credits.