Thursday, November 3, 2016

Savage Rifts - Warlock

Per request, here is my conversion of the Warlock from the Rifts Conversion Guide 1. I'll be using the Ley Line Walker as the starting point as it captures the feel of the Full Blown Iconic Caster. As usual you will need a copy of the Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide and a Copy of Deluxe Savage Worlds.
(I seem to have strayed a bit further off the Rifts Warlock, let me know if you think I went TOO far, I attribute the boosted power levels as the effect of  Earth being a Ley Line nexus) I gave each of the Warlock types a specific name, I think these would have been names given to them in Tolkeen or the Federation of Magic. SO I turned it UP TO ELEVEN!!

 A powerful elemental spell caster that walks with the elements.

Warlocks gain three rolls on any of the
following tables: Enchanted Items & Mystic
Gadgets, Education, Experience & Wisdom,
and Magic & Mysticism.
They also get two rolls on any table of
their choice, except for Psionics.

Master of One
   Warlocks spend the majority of their lives in and around their chosen element. Not only
does this lead to vast knowledge of the element, such a life bestows considerable
gifts of unique power upon the Warlock. Warlocks can interact with their element in a way
few other spellcasters ever manage. Not only can they draw far more power from them than other
arcane practitioners, they can freely move along the element, sense and read them
thoroughly, communicate with elementals, and even heal more quickly when in physical contact with the element.  Though a Warlock is a thoroughly capable spell caster almost anywhere she is found, she always tries to orient conflicts on or near their element where her power is at its greatest.

   Warlocks are definitive wielders of magic from another world. Possessing Arcane
Background (Magic), they have the following powers available to choose from:

armor, banish, barrier, blast, blind, bolt, boost/lower Trait,
burrow, burst, conceal arcana, confusion, damage
field, darksight, deflection, disguise, dispel, drain
Power Points, entangle, environmental protection,
farsight, fear, fly, growth/shrink, havoc, healing,
intangibility, invisibility, light/obscure, pummel,
quickness, slow, slumber, smite, speak language,
speed, stun, summon ally, telekinesis, teleport,
wall walker, and warrior’s gift.

As Masters of Magic, Warlocks have the Mega Power option for any spells
of their chosen trapping.

Warlocks are masters of a specific element. While they can learn any spells from the list above, they gain major bonuses when using the spells within their Trapping.
Earth Striders Rock or Acid
Sky Walkers Electricity or Sound
Smoke Jumpers  Fire/Heat
Wave Riders Cold/Ice
Arcane Background (Magic):
   Warlocks are powerful arcane wielders. They begin with five powers
from the list above, 15 PPE, and a d8 Spellcasting skill.
Elemental Dousing:
Warlocks can instinctively know the location, movement, and status of their chosen elements. Warlocks gain Danger Sense when in physical contact of their element, and targets are within that element.
Earth Striders can sense the structural integrity of earth and stone.
Sky Walkers can sense the speed and direction of wind, and oncoming storms.
Smoke Jumpers can sense fires as small as a camp fire  up to 40 miles away, and accurate temperature of metals within 100 feet.
Wave Riders can sense bodies of water within 100 miles, and can easily find the safest route across a raging river.

„„Elemental Brotherhood:
Warlocks can sense elementals within 120 feet, and gain a +4 notice bonus to detect invisible elementals. Warlocks can speak with any elemental. Elementals consider warlocks to be 'little brothers or sisters'.

Elemental Rejuvenation:
While in their element, a Warlock gains a natural healing roll once per day.

„„Elemental Striding:
A Warlock can move through their element as long as they are not in environmentally sealed body armor or a vehicle.
Earth Striders  Can move freely through earth and rock, at their normal pace, even metal at half normal pace. Earth Striders can sense the seismic vibrations even through armor, as long as they are in contact with the earth, they gain Danger Sense.
Sky Walkers can fly at twice her Pace, at any altitude.
Smoke Jumpers A Smoke jumper can teleport to any smoke within 1000 feet.
Wave Riders Can swim at twice their pace to a depth of 5,000 feet, and breath underwater. They suffer no damage from falling into a body of water from any height.

Elemental Mastery
The Warlock gains special abilities based upon their chosen element.

Immunity: A Warlock is immune to attacks from their chosen element, and only take half damage from Mega Damage sources.
Earth Striders are as tough as stone, add +2 Toughness.
Sky Walkers  are immune to Lighting, Sonic and wind attacks. And do not need to breathe.
Smoke Jumpers are immune to fire and plasma attacks, and take half damage from lasers.
Wave Riders are immune to water and ice based attacks (Rumors of Vampires immune to holy water may be attributed to a Warlock Vampire.)

Master of Magic:
She has Mega Powers for her spells, and A Warlock begins with the Master of Magic Edge,
gaining Mega Powers for all known spells with, and also starts with the Rapid Recharge Edge. She gains these powers with a complication. Rapid Recharge only functions when in contact with their chosen element

Warlocks have dealt with the elements and elementals for so long they have become
distanced from regular humanity. Their power makes them greatly feared and hated
by the Coalition.
Cybernetics: Such technology creates havoc for the flow of energy a Warlock relies upon, imposing −1 to the Spellcasting skill for each point of Strain.
Disconnected: Warlocks constantly deal with the strange, alien, and inhuman. This makes them more than a bit difficult to deal with for the average person. The Warlock has a −2 Charisma penalty in most social situations.

„„Enemies: As with all wielders of magic, Warlocks are “shoot-on-sight” targets for Coalition forces. Any who refuse to swear fealty to Lord Dunscon may consider the True Federation to be hostile territory as well.

Elemental Fashion: Warlocks have a mental quirk which makes them dress in colors reminiscent of their chosen element. They are uncomfortable if they are out of their clothing for an extended length of time.

Life Sign Dependency: On Rifts Earth, a Warlock must have daily contact with her chosen element. Gain the Dependency Racial trait.

Optional Hindrance (Minor)
Warlock's Code of Honor The warlock will not send summoned elementals into certain doom. An warlock will not attempt to destroy an elemental sent against her, but to banish it.

Ley Line Walker Light Armor, NG-
33 Laser Pistol, NG-S2 Survival Pack,
1d4 × 1,000 credits.