Thursday, November 24, 2016

Savage Rifts - Titan Inbound

If you've played Titan Fall, you know what Titan Inbound means. You're going to kick ass in a mecha until you get taken out and have to eject.

This is a Techno Wizard version of of a Titan Pilot.

This is a Work in progress; but here's what it looks like so far!

Titan Pilots are a new breed of Techno-Wizard, part Magician, and part Robot Pilot. Using a customized Titan Beacon, they summon Magical Constructs to fight from within, or as an ally.

Titan Pilots gain three rolls on any of the
following tables: Enchanted Items & Mystic
Gadgets, Education, Experience & Wisdom,
Magic & Mysticism, and Titan Pilot Loadout.
They also get two rolls on any table of
their choice, except for Psionics, or Cybernetics.

I CAN HEAR MACHINERY Technology sings to the eldritch engineers. They can hear the complex melodies of a machine in perfect working order as well as the discordant sour notes of equipment in dire need of tuning or repair. This is doubly true when dealing with tech converted to arcane processes infinitely more efficient and masterful in design. For some Techno-Wizards, this special relationship with technology manifests as the ability to see the inherent arcane symbols and runes on all devices, as well as power flows and digital signals as unearthly webs of energy interconnecting all things. Titan pilots create a specialized beason which utilizes a variant Summon Ally spell to summon a Titan, a TW Robot Armor. They are also highly trained in combat, shock troopers who can infiltrate and attack from within.  

FANTASY AND MICROCHIPS Techno-Wizards are the Weird Science maestros of Rifts Earth. Their Arcane Background grants them access to the following powers: armor, barrier, blast, blind, bolt, boost/lower Trait, burrow, burst, clairvoyance, confusion, damage field, darksight, deflection, detect/conceal arcana, dispel, drain Power Points, entangle, environmental protection, farsight, fly, havoc, healing, intangibility, invisibility, light/ obscure, pummel, quickness, slumber, smite, speed, stun, telekinesis, teleport, wall walker, and warrior’s gift.

They have access to all Trappings from Savage Worlds except Necromantic. Each of a Techno-Wizard’s devices has its own PPE pool. The skill they use for their art is called Techno-Wizardry, which is Smarts-based and counts as Weird Science for purposes of qualifying for Edges like Mr. Fix It. Techno-Wizards cannot take the normal Gadgeteer Edge, but they start with a variant for free (see below).

TECHNO-WIZARD ABILITIES AND BONUSES Though they do not begin as Masters of Magic (per the Edge), Techno-Wizards have a flexibility few wielders of arcane power ever experience. In a world dominated by rapid technological advancement across the globe and from beyond the Rifts, a TechnoWizard is a powerful and vital ally.
Arcane Background (Weird Science): Techno-Wizards begin with three powers, each in a gizmo of their own design as with all Weird Science types. Unlike other Weird Scientists, TechnoWizards have 15 PPE of their own and their gizmos have none. Their PPE pool is used to activate all of their own gizmos, as well as use Techno-Wizard (TW) devices. These sorcerer-scientists start with the Techno-Wizardry skill at d8 (which is equivalent to the Weird Science skill). Anyone who can use a TW device (page 76) can also use a Techno-Wizard’s gizmo, but must spend PPE/ISP to power it as usual. Gizmos are unique items and cease to function after 2d6 days without attention from their creator. „„

Arcane Machinist: Techno-Wizards begin with a variant of the Gadgeteer Edge which grants enormous flexibility. As an action (instead of 1d20 minutes), the character produces a magical gizmo replicating any power available to Techno-Wizards. To make the device requires a successful Techno-Wizardry roll at −2 per Rank the power is above her own. The device has its own pool of PPE equal to half the Techno-Wizard’s normal maximum PPE pool (round down). With a raise, the device gets +5 PPE. The item can only be activated with its own PPE and once used up (or at the end of the session), the device burns out or otherwise becomes unusable. A Techno-Wizard can use Arcane Machinist up to half her Smarts die per session.

Machine Maestro: A Techno-Wizard Titan Pilot does not gain the Machine Maestro ability as a normal Techno Wizard, They have focused on their combat abilities and interface with the titans they summon.

Titan Beacon: Titan Pilots have a special gizmo they have crafted, called a Titan Beacon. This Beacon stores 20 PPE when first created, This PPE is utilized by the Titan to power it’s special attack modes and to reload the TW weaponry. Summoning the Titan costs 5 PPE from the Battery. The Titan type is chosen when the Beacon is activated. When the entire charge has been spent, the beacon will begin to recharge at a rate of 1 PPE per minute, (double that on a Ley Line)

Required Knowledge: A combination of intense study, practical experience, and intuitive understanding makes the Techno-Wizard an expert in a number of fields.

They begin with the following skills for free: Athletics d6, Knowledge (Engineering) d6, Shooting d6, and the Robot Jock edge.

TECHNO-WIZARD COMPLICATIONS The unique nature of the Techno-Wizard’s abilities and practices provides her with some special challenges.

„„Device Dependent: As with any Weird Scientist, a Techno-Wizard must have her devices for her powers or some kind of parts to use the Arcane Machinist ability. She must have gear and tools within reach to make her magic work. They must have a charged Titan Beacon to activate their most powerful ability.
Enemies: As with all practitioners of arcane or mystical arts, TechnoWizards are outlaws in Coalition States. Those who do not bow to Lord Dunscon’s ultimate authority in the True Federation—including those serving the Tomorrow Legion—are also deemed enemies of the state there. „„

Gearhead Geek: All Techno-Wizards have a special relationship with technology and machinery that results in some odd behaviors. Some talk to their gear while others hum or sing to it. Still others may insist on painting sigils, runes, and arcane diagrams all over the machines with which they work. However it manifests, every TechnoWizard has a Quirk Hindrance of some kind related to this.

Titan Pilot Light Armor, R-201 Carbine, ,Techno-Wizard Specialized Tool Kit, NG-S2 Survival Pack, 2d4 × 1,000 credits

General Titan Pilot Information
Control Range 100 feet
Mega Damage Structure: As magical constructs, all Titans are considered to be Mega Damage structures.
Preservation Mode: If the pilot is knocked out, the automaton will act to retreat from combat, or to collect and shield the Titan Pilot if not within the cockpit.
PPE Battery: The Titan Beacon is also a mystic battery which stores 20PPE

TITANS:  (Work in progress, not the final iteration)
Ronin Titan: Novice
Size 2, Crew 1,
Strength d12, Toughness 20 (8), Pace 16
Notes: M.D.C. Armor
Systems: Targeting system Basic Targeting System, Which may be upgraded later with the Advanced Targeting System edge.
Leadwall TK Shotgun [Range 50/100/200, Damage: 1-3d8+2, RoF 1, AP 0, Shots 4, Mods 2]
„„Magic Sword (Str+2d8, AP4 Mega Damage, Magical, Reach)
(Arc Wave) (Cost 2) Cone Template Sword attack, which also causes Slow condition
Intangibility (Arc Dash) (Cost 2)
Deflection (Sword Block) (Cost 1) Electromagnetic field displaces incoming fire.
Boost Trait(Sword Core) (Cost 3) This ability boosts the Strength and Agility of the Titan

Northstar Titan: Seasoned

Tone Titan: Seasoned

Ion Titan: Seasoned

Scorch Titan: Veteran

Legion Titan: Veteran

TW Titan Pilot Edges
Improved Beacon: Requirements: Seasoned, Techno-wizardry d10
Titan Beacon stores +5 PPE (may be taken once per rank.)

Beacon Shield:
The beacon Titan Beacon generates a 10 Mega Damage Shield around the beacon which protects the pilot during Titanfall. The area protected is is a medium burst template.

Beacon Advanced Targeting System:
Upgrades the Targeting System which offsets up to 2 points of penalties when firing a Titan Weapon system.

Titan Upgrade: Unlocks additional titan type. (may be taken once per rank.)