Monday, October 31, 2016

Savage Rifts - Mega Juicer

Here's a QUICK conversion of one of the Juicer OCCs from Rifts Worldbook #10 - Juicer Uprising

You will still need your Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, and reference to the Rifts book. (The standard rules apply except as follows)

This is the Quick Conversion for the Mega Juicer.

The Mega Juicer
Mega Juicers have been transformed into supernatural beings by triggering their strong stores of Psychic or PPE energies.

The Burn
Mega Juicers burn out in a different manner than normal juicers. Psychic Overload. When a Mega Juicers burn reaches 2, they go into Psychic Overload, The next time the Mega Juicer rolls a bust on any roll, they go into meltdown mode. They begin to literally burn with mega damage fire 2d6 damage in a small burst template around them. When they burnout they will explode for 4d12 Mega Damage in a Medium Burst Template.

Super Endurance: Standard except Mega Juicers are Mega Damage creatures. (This is an exception to the normal, and puts them on the same ground as Dragons - Gamemaster be warned. As an alternate, use the Titan Super Endurance rules)

„Super Reflexes: Standard

Super Speed: Standard

Super Strength: Standard and are considered to have Supernatural Strength.

Enhanced Healing: standard with the Hard to Kill Edge.

Standard Complications except Burn.

Racial Restrictions: As Mega Juicers rely upon ISP or PPE to trigger their powers, races which are restricted from ISP and PPE can not undergo the Mega Juicer process.

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