Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Savage Rifts - Phaeton Juicer

Here's a QUICK conversion of one of the Juicer OCCs from Rifts Worldbook #10 - Juicer Uprising

You will still need your Tomorrow Legion Player's Guide, and reference to the Rifts book.  (The standard rules apply except as follows)

This is the Quick Conversion for the Phaeton Juicer

The Phaeton Juicer
Phaeton Juicers were developed as combat pilots, designed to withstand G forces that would kill a normal human.

The Burn
Phaeton Juicers use the standard burn rules.

Super Endurance: Phaeton Juicers begin with +2 Vigor die types, with no Trait maximum. They require only half the normal amount of sleep, and gain +2 on all Fatigue checks.

„Super Reflexes: Phaeton Juicers begin with +3 Agility die types, with no Trait maximum. They have Uncanny Reflexes, granting them −2 to be hit by all attacks. Finally, they begin with the Quick.

Super Speed: Phaeton Juicers are quick, doubling their base Pace.

Super Strength: Phaeton Juicers begin with +1 Strength die types, with no Trait

Push the Envelope: Phaeton are physically and mentally conditioned to pilot. Gain the Combat Ace edge.

Standard Complications

(Conversion - Dropped +1 Strength die to +1 Agility die, Dropped Fleet of foot to gain Combat Ace)

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