Monday, October 17, 2016

Savage Rifts first session in the books.

Our first Session at home is in the books.

It was a very good refresher for Savage Worlds. I realized some of the rules aren't on that main Reference Sheet. Notably Linked Weapons.

Linked Automatic Weapons are BRUTAL!!! Twin Linked mini rail guns do considerable damage, Twin Linked Heavy Rail Guns are insane. 5d10+4 damage. Rip thru a Triax X-500 Forager in 1 shot.

Since Ian's Juicer took both Rich/Filthy Rich, and was a part of the Juicer Uprising, I ended up giving him a Mk V APC for his 'any vehicle roll'.

It is definitely a monster of a Vehicle.

Which is good, because a fully armed and manned Coalition one should give them pause.

The Boom gun on the Glitter boy is CRAZY.

Confusion that has the automatic Raise built in, is going to be an crazy power. (This is represented by insane babbling by my wife's Crazy.) That's a -4 on the smarts roll. That's almost a guaranteed fail with even d6 smarts.

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