Monday, October 31, 2016

Sad Days - A Death in Mega City One

So the Judge Dredd Miniature game and RPG from Mongoose will be going away. Mongoose will be giving up the License for Judge Dredd today, and the molds for the Judge Dredd Miniatures game will be destroyed on November 25th.

Drivethru Judge Dredd

This is the best skirmish Campaign game and I will miss being able to turn people on to it. They captured the feel of the Comics in the game.

IF YOU WANT THE RULEBOOKS, go grab the Free PDF from Warlordgames TODAY!!! DO NOT DELAY. If there are supplements for Any of the Judge Dredd games, grab them TODAY! For example, I will be picking up Apocalypse Dawn. You can see below I already own the others...heh.

I will continue to play Dredd I would love to teach others to play it.

Please Note that the prices for the PDFs have been SLASHED!!!